There will be thrills and spills.  You will probably (well, more than likely) get wet.  It will be exciting and testing.  It will be team building.  It will be an entertaining day out for you, your family and friends.

Are you adventurous and brave enough to face the challenge?

Get together with your family, friends and work colleagues and join team Leukaemia UK.  Share an experience like no other.

The team will be made up of 17 people (16 on the paddles and 1 beating a drum to synchronise strokes).  The minimum age for participants is 16 years.  

The event will be managed by a professional company (Dragon Boat Events Ltd) who will supply all the equipment including life preservers.  They will brief teams on all aspects of safety, and handling and racing the boats.  There will be safety craft on the lake.  The company will provide someone at the helm of each boat.  The safety of participants is the top priority.

Each team is guaranteed at least 3 races.  These will be timed and the fastest teams will go forward to the knockout stage and on to the final.  A trophy will be presented to the winners. 

Each place costs us £25, so we are asking every participant to cover this as their entry fee, and ask that they use the event to raise additional sponsorship amongst their network for Leukaemia UK.  

We will provide Leukaemia UK t-shirts to wear on the day.  

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