I am 29 years old and live in Cumbria. In 2015 I was told that I needed a stem cell transplant for a rare genetic mutation called GATA 2 deficiency.

After seven years of various illnesses including multiple blood clots, my health had gradually been deteriorating, so my consultant sent me for a bone marrow biopsy which was abnormal and resulted in me going to London to see specialists.

As I went into the consulting room I was expecting them to say finally they had put all my illnesses together and maybe I would need a different medication to add to my growing list. Nothing prepares you for your consultant saying you need a stem cell transplant.

As an artist I hope to be able to do some artwork while I’m in hospital, maybe I can design my own range of get well cards! I currently work part time in an art gallery and do my own artwork painting on silk and making jewellery.

You can follow Becky’s journey on her blog.

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